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Passion for Switzerland – Morcote

Ticino – here comes the Sun!

If you have a chance to visit Ticino – the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland I highly recommend to visit Morcote. Morcote is a small medieval village located by the Lake Lugano about 10 km from Lugano city.

Passion for Switzerland - Morcote

How to get there

You can easily take the bus 431 direction Bissone and get off at the station Morcote, Piazza Grande (ticket costs around 7 Swiss francs). A walk along the lakeshore promenade in the heart of Morcote: picturesque city centre is a must.

Narrow streets known as “Strécie”, fountains and remarkable architecture make the heart of Morcote so unique and romantic.

Passion for Switzerland - Morcote

The Scherrer Park

If you enjoy nature and architecture visit The Scherrer Park with the panoramic view of Lake Lugano, variety of oriental plants, fountains and small temples in Egyptian, Indian and Thai style.

Passion for Switzerland - Morcote


On the promenade you can find many local restaurants offering italian cuisne. I took bruschetta as appetizer and a plate of delicious little fishes with pommmes frites and a tartare sauce.

Passion for Switzerland - Morcote

Passion for Switzerland - Morcote

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  • Ryszard

    December 27, 2017 at 9:34 am

    Monisiu – rozpoczęłaś bardzo dobrze. Życzę powodzenia:)
    A Szwajcaria to piękny kraj:)

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