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5 things to do in January

1. Beat the Blue Monday

The official worst day of the year so called “blue Monday” is January 15th, 2018. Cold temperatures, end of holiday season, lack of sunlight means also lack of Vitamin D all these events resulting in low mood. This year prepare earlier and don’t be a victim of the Blue Monday. It all starts in our mind and with our thoughts. Stay positive this day no matter what. Start your day with a healthy fruits-oatmeal breakfast that boosts your energy, put your favorite music on while commuting to work, drink your coffee from a nice porcelain cup, do something nice to your co-worker, do something nice to yourself: plan a comedy evening at home, cuddle your pet a lot, start a new book or go for yoga class or to spa. On that day avoid reading depressing news or using social media.

2. Open a saving bank account

The first month of the New Year 2018 is the best moment to start saving money. Do you keep putting saving money on the long finger? Always waiting for a better moment? There is no better moment than now. Just grab your mobile phone, call your bank ask for an appointment, mark it in your office-calendar and just do it. You also can set up automatic deposits on a monthly basis so you never forget to transfer money. Your future self will thank you.

5 things to do in January


3. Create one new, positive habit

Do you struggle to wake up early? Do you hit the snooze button on your phone immediately and can`t get out of bed in the morning? Try to change this bad habit by installing a mobile app that will wake you up with your favorite music or a radio station. Put your phone few meters away from the bed so you are forced to get out of it. There is for sure something you struggle with on a daily basis. Find something you want to do differently every day, schedule it and repeat for the next 21 days. They say it takes 21 days to create a habit and 90 days to create a lifestyle. Scientists are arguing about it but I personally stopped smoking applying this 21day-rule, it worked perfectly for me so I highly recommend it.

4. Start a challenge

It`s so much fun! There are plenty of motivating challenges to start: 30 days of Hygge, 30 dresses challenge, no alcohol-challenge, jogging-challenge, 3days-a-week-workout-challenge.

5 things to do in January

5. Start learning a new language

Before your start a language course at school learn the basics of a new language by yourself. Learn from books for beginners with a CD, install a mobile app or Rosetta stone computer program to practice grammar and new vocabulary. Social media are helpful too: follow language courses on Instagram and Facebook and learn new words and expressions while scrolling your feed.

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