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5 reasons why having a cat makes you happier

1. Cat makes you laugh out loud.

Indeed, it starts on the Internet with funny cat videos on Youtube or Facebook. We all watch and enjoy them – even if we don`t want to admit it. With more than two million cat videos on YouTube, cats has become Internet stars. The team from Tubularinsights – a company specializing in video marketing – has watched them all. The have found out that cat videos generate an impressive 24.6 billion views! Even if cats look serious at first sight they are real joyful creatures at heart. The more you play or observe your cat the more you laugh and laughing is good for your health!

5 reasons why having a cat makes you happier

2. Cat improves your health.

Many studies have found that having a cat has a positive impact on human mental and physical health. Mrs. Allen a Ph.D. psychologist from The State University of New York at Buffalo confirmed in her study that cat owners remain more stable during stressful situations than people who don`t own a cat. Her other study has shown that cat has better influence on blood pressure and the heart rate than ACE inhibitors (pharmaceutical drug used primarily for the treatment of hypertension – elevated blood pressure – and congestive heart failure). Another study confirms that daily routine of playing, feeding and talking care of a cat improves the mood and distracts positively those who are dealing with depression or anxiety. The research from Mayo Clinic in Arizona has shown that letting cat sleeping in the owner`s bedroom helps him to sleep better and feel safe and secure at night.

3. Cat makes you feel calm.

We all heard that cat`s purr has a positive effects on humans` wellbeing. Scientists claim that it is not the sound of purring that matters but its 20 to 140 Hz range vibration known to be medically therapeutic. It calms, comforts and reduces stress level.

You are not a cat-owner but would love to see if cat`s purring really works? Meet the Purrli the Online cat purr generator-app recreates the purr-vibration.

5 reasons why having a cat makes you happier

May I introduce? Puszka – the best Fashioncchiato`s furry friend 🙂

4. Cat helps you through hard times.

You have lost someone you loved. Your life is going through major changes. Cat will never replace one you’ve lost or fix all your issues but it can help you to deal with the loss. This little creature brings new responsibility and also daily activities like playing, cuddling or feeding that add joy to your life.

5. With a cat you are never lonely.

Cats are independent by nature but they are also social animals. There are plenty of moments every day when a cat tries to get owner`s attention and interact with him. Whether they are playing together or cuddling, a cat offers a companionship.

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