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Make an amazing candle-light dinner for two

Valentine`s day is just around the corner

Personally I am not a fan of this day and I do not celebrate like I used to when I was a teenager. I think that relationship and our partner should be celebrated and appreciated 365 days a year. This is exactly what I do. Spending valuable time together with each other over a nice home-cooked dinner at least once a week is very important for us. We enjoy our conversations, the taste of meals, the atmosphere. I also really like the preparations like buying groceries, choosing cooking recipes, matching music, outfit and setting up the table.

Do you want to surprise your man with a perfect, romantic dinner at home? Does the whole planning thing scare you so much that you don’t know where to start?

Follow my tips!  Your candle-light dinner for two will turn out to be amazing and unforgettable.

1. Timing

To make an exciting candlelight dinner for two you simply need to have enough time for it. You shouldn`t be stressed or tired on that evening so choose a day that you know you will have enough time for preparations and you will enjoy them. Also ask your partner which evening works best for him.

2. Table setting

Make an amazing candle-light dinner for two

Plan to visit the biggest supermarket in your town few days before the dinner in order to buy decorations:  high-quality unscented candles, tablecloth (if you don`t have any good one) and matching napkins. Decide which table setting you want: plain-colored (classics like red & white, black & white), floral, rustic, glamourous, oriental. I use the tablecloth with little old pink roses, matching napkins, white plates and transparent glass candlesticks that are stunning center-pieces. Do not forget napkin rings. I discovered them lately and I need to admit they enrich the table setting and complete the look. If you like simplicity, choose white tablecloth from high-quality fabric like silk or damask, small tea lights and a fresh flower bouquet.

3. Menu and Plan B

I suggest that you set up the food menu first and you choose matching wine after.

Start with choosing an appetizer paired with aperitif. You will serve your partner to make him feel welcomed in your place.

There is a simple rule to remember: fish comes before meat.

If you serve:

a) fish as an appetizer do not repeat this ingredient in your main-course

b) main-dish with fish do not serve meat appetizers

If your main-course is fish, sea-food or something light like salad you go for your favorite white wine (my recommendations: Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc or Gewürztraminer). Steak or some meat should be paired with some red-wine (my recommendations: Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Bordeux). If you do not cook a lot like me do not risk trying new fancy dishes but choose simple things and easy-to-make mini dessert in glass. Simplicity is the key.

Don`t forget to put a water bottle filled with lemon water on the dinner table.

You should also have a Plan B. No matter how much effort you will put into preparations and cooking there is always 1% risk that something can go wrong. Having some frozen dish in the refrigerator will make you feel confident, relaxed and comfortable.

4. Music

Make an amazing candle-light dinner for two

Set the atmosphere by playing romantic and chillout music in the background, such as piano, smooth jazz, bossa nova. My personal recommendation: Gorge Michael, Santana, Kenny G, Sade, Tanita Tikaram.

5. Get yourself ready

Make an amazing candle-light dinner for two

Your good mood and confidence  are the keys.

They will be there to support and lead you to the place you want to be.

Before you start all the dinner preparations take a bath, put your favorite face mask (do not try new one you risk skin allergy) turn on chill out radio and enjoy yourself. This evening is not about food only it is about you and your partner and feeling comfortable. Apply your makeup. Put on an elegant dress with some sexy cleavage that is showing a bit but not too much. Men like mystery and the only thing they like to get handed on a silver plate is a hot steak not woman 😉

I wish you and your partner an unforgettable dinner!

By Fashioncchiato

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