About me

Hello my name is Monika. Nice to meet you here!

I am 33 years old lifestyle and fashion blogger, traveller and mom of 2 cats, currently based in Switzerland (Zurich). I believe that we can manifest absolutely everything we want in life. Here is my story if you want to hear. Sit down, drink Latte Macchiato and feel home on my blog.

Anything is possible!

I didn’t care about the perfect dress or photo selfie back then. A small girl from a small town carrying big dreams in her heart and an analog camera in her pocket! I loved to learn new foreign words and dreamed of new stunning places… Back to 1997, baby… Paris presented me its Eiffel tower, contemporary La Defense district, all amazing museums – d’Orsay, Louvre, Fragonard, Musée de l’Erotisme – and a mix of cultures I couldn’t have known if I had stayed in my home. And this was only the first trip that was a dream come true. Back in 2004, standing by Lake Michigan. It was bigger than I could have ever imagined, and with the wind blowing on my face, watching the waves, I felt calm and happy like never before.

I remember that was the exact moment I made a life-changing decision.

One day I would live by a lake, travel the world, express my style through fashion, visit new places, cook and taste international meals and enjoy nature and art to the fullest. Pretty much since then, I visualize that and I make it a reality. Now I live in Switzerland 10 min walk to the lake. Traveling has become my greatest investment in life and it has been my choice and my calling. I will always choose travel and nature – and nothing’s gonna stop me – a message that says overcome your inner fear. Stepping out of your own comfort zone leaves no space for hate in your heart; there is only love and eyes bright and wide open. Having international friends is a blessing. I do not care about your past, where you are from, how old you are, what religion you believe in (or not). What I care about is if you have vision and ambition, because you can become whoever you want if you are ready to work for that and develop your skills, starting from zero.

Success doesn’t come by accident.

It comes from consistent work in pursuit of a dream. If you have vision, ambition and good vibes it is a good basis but you will not be satisfied in life without also having a good heart and open-mindedness. Your mind’s gonna stay dry like a rice-field without water. A good heart, generous and free from negativity is what I stand for. When your circle gets smaller, that’s only how you know who was always real. I do not need people who do not need me – keep it simple. Success can be a lonely road but pushing myself beyond my limits has become a part of myself. I will keep on going until I get where I want to be.